Character Products : Company Overview

Character Products is a privately held Australian company and has been engaged in the marketing and selling of activated carbon since 1994. Industries serviced over this time have included water treatment, food/beverage, chemical processing, pollution control and oil/gas refineries.

Character Products offers a full service relating to the supply of activated carbon including technical support/trouble shooting and sample analysis capabilities. We also have strong back up support from our principals, general carbon corporation who have been in the activated carbon business for over fifty years.

Through General Carbon Corporation we offer and carry a full inventory of activated carbon for the treatment of both air and water. Our product range includes pellitised, granular and powder produced from bases such as coal, coconut and wood.

Character Products via general carbon specialise in impregnated and catalytic grades for a wide variety of vapour phase applications. In particular we are a major supplier of product relating to the removal of acidic contaminants such hydrogen sulphide in the sewerage industry. The is a locally stocked product as well as indented on call for special projects.

Character Products is a member of the Australian Water Assosiation.