Activated Carbon Supplier

Cleaning Australia’s Air & Water through Activated Carbon

Character Products offers a full service relating to the supply of activated carbon (aka activated charcoal) including technical support/trouble shooting and sample analysis capabilities. We also have strong back up support from our principals, General Carbon Corporation who have been in the activated carbon business for over fifty years.

Activated Carbon Filters

We offer and carry a full inventory of activated carbon filters for the treatment of both air and water. Our product range includes pellitised, granular and powdered activated carbon produced from bases such as charcoal, coconut and wood.

Our filtration equipment includes adsorbers, odour control systems, air pollution control barrels and oil sorbent fibres.

For more details check out the product listings on this website or contact us with any questions.

We service many industries, including water treatment, food/beverage, chemical processing, pollution control and oil/gas refineries.

Bulk Buy Activated Carbon

We also supply wholesale and bulk activated carbon for resale. Such as to pet shops for their customers aquarium water filters.